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Everything You Wanted To Know About Capos

Every guitarist should own a Planet Waves capo. And that most definitely means you. No exceptions! Just consider what a capo can do for you as a guitarist. This deceptively simple tool is a fantastic […]


Guitar Pickups – Picking the Right One

some information provided by Seymour Duncan – one of the top manufacturers of guitar pickups First, what is a pickup? Technically, pickups are transducers that “pick up” string vibrations and translate them into an electrical […]


Guitar Wiring Glossary of Terms

The electronics are an important and necessary component in electric guitars. Usually we will at one time need or want to rewire our guitar. Whether the need is for new pickups or replacement of a […]


Cable Guy – Guitar Cable Guidelines

They’re everywhere – stuffed into gig bags, hanging on the wall, crammed into the back of your combo amp. Cables are the lifelines of your music and learning a bit more about their construction, and […]