Hang It Up – Guitar Wall Hangers

Leaning your guitar on a sofa is not a very good way to care for your investment. A simple stand will keep it where it belongs and a case is probably the best place to keep a guitar but can be cumbersome to constantly remove the guitar to play.


If you are looking to reclaim some floor space try a wall hanger. Several companies manufacture quality wall hangers that can keep your guitar safe and out of the way. Typically a hanger is mounted using two screws into a mounting surface capable of holding the guitar’s weight.


A hanging guitar (or guitars) actually become part of the room’s decor. Show off your investment!

We installed several of the Fretrest hangers from Proline and have been using them for years. Installation is simple. It is important to make sure the mount is secure to hold the weight of the guitar.

Drywall/plaster/paneling/concrete: Mark a location on the wall you wish to hang the guitar. Drill two holes just large enough to install the mounting anchors. Install the mount using the included screws. Install the metal neck hanger.

Solid wood: Using the provided screws without the anchors is usually sufficient.