Ibanez SZ Series Guitar Review

For those of you seeking a modernized Les Paul like guitar without spending a fortune seriously check this guitar out.  An interesting combination of an all mahogany body and maple top.  The mahogany body gives the guitar a wonderful deep tone and the maple adds a touch of bright to the overall sound.

Thicker and heavier than it’s sister series S guitars but not bulky or uncomfortable.  The 25″ scale set in neck offers a different feel for playing and allows for easy access to the upper frets.

A 3 position switch, tone, and dual volume knobs allow flexibility in sound through the Duncan/Ibanez humbuckers.


Neck: 3pc SZ set-in neck
NeckType: SZ (set-in)
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: Medium frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge
NeckPU: Duncan/Ibanez neck pu
BridgePU: Duncan/Ibanez bridge pu

The two Duncan/Ibanez humbuckers provide clean sound that makes great use of the heavy body.  As usual with most Ibanez guitars the factory pickups are usually missing something…nothing a set of Duncan or DiMarzio pickups would improve.

The three models of the SZ series guitars are all beauties.  All feature a binding around the body, neck, and head.  The arch top bodies are either painted or are awesome transparent wood finishes.

All three models of the SZ are equipped with the Gibraltar III bridge and through body string stops.  The Gibraltar bridge allows for easy action adjustment and a comfortable place to rest your hand.

Our review

This is a fun guitar to play with a great feel and balance.  The neck is interesting with it’s 25″ scale but is not in the way or a problem.  The guitar’s sustain from the mahogany body is quite good.  For the money you can’t beat this guitar if it fits your playing style.  The Duncan/Ibanez pickups sound pretty good but howl at high volumes.  We replaced our SZ’s pickups with a set of Duncans.  See the Seymour Duncan 59 and Jazz Pickup Install in an Ibanez SZ320 article.

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