Originally a guitar company making inexpensive “knock-off” guitars that bloomed into the mainstream in the late 1980’s. The RG series guitar was loved by shredders and big guitar names like Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, and Paul Gilbert took this company to a new level. Ibanez SZ Series Guitar Review

The makers of the famous Stratocaster and Telecaster guitar. Founded in Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leonidas Fender in 1946 Fender brought the solid body guitar to the masses.

The home of Gibson electric guitars today is “Gibson USA,” built in 1974 in Nashville specifically for the production of Gibson’s Les Paul guitars.  Gibson also owns the Epiphone, Kramer, Maestro, Steinberger, and Tobias. Additonally the ownership of historical brands such as Kalamazoo, Dobro, Slingerland, Valley Arts, and Baldwin.

Schecter Guitar Research aka Schecter
An American guitar company founded in 1976 by David Schecter, originally as guitar repair shop providing replacement parts for Fender and Gibson. In 1979 Schecter first offered their own fully assembled solid body guitars.

Originally owned and operated by Grover Jackson a partner of Wayne Charvel. Jackson is probably best know for the signature Randy Rhodes “Rhodes V” guitar.

Luthier Dean Zelinsky began building guitars at an early age after he thought that guitar design had reached a plateau. He decided to change things and the early Dean guitars were released in the mid 70’s. The signature Dean headstock is easily recognizable. Dean guitars are played typically by metal bands like Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, and Scorpions

Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics in 1965 after building his first amplifier in 1957. Peavey has grown to a multi-million dollar company building both quality guitars, amplifiers, and other sound system equipment. Peavey worked with Eddie Van Halen for several years resulting in the development of the EVH Wolfgang guitar and 5150 amplifier. When Eddie left Peavey in 2004 the amp was renamed the 6505 and the guitar was renamed to the HP series.  In more recent years Peavey has pulled back on it’s electric guitar lineup.

Originally founded in Azusa California by Wayne Charvel. Charvel’s early guitars were essentially customized Fender Stratocasters.  Charvel sold his company to Grover Jackson in 1979 where the Charvel name continued through the 80’s until it was sold to Japanese manufacturer AMIC. Charvel was later sold to Fender and continues as a line under the Fender name today.








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