How to Tune Your Guitar without a Tuner

It’s pretty easy to rely on a chromatic tuner to tune your guitar but all guitarists should know how to tune their guitar by ear. You don’t need perfect pitch just the ability to hear […]


Hang It Up – Guitar Wall Hangers

Leaning your guitar on a sofa is not a very good way to care for your investment. A simple stand will keep it where it belongs and a case is probably the best place to […]


MXR Phase 90 EVH Guitar Effects Pedal

Edward Van Halen earned his spot in the guitar tone hall of fame with the first note on his debut album in 1978. The guitar work on that album still boggles minds more than 25 […]


Guitar Pickups – Picking the Right One

some information provided by Seymour Duncan – one of the top manufacturers of guitar pickups First, what is a pickup? Technically, pickups are transducers that “pick up” string vibrations and translate them into an electrical […]