Peavey Bandit 112 Amplifier Review

We spent some quality time with this relatively new amp in the Peavey line.  This amp is a no-nonsense piece of equipment featuring Peavey’s Trans-Tube Technology.  This technology allows the amp to create tube like sound from a completely non-tube system.  Personally, there is no substitute but it helps.

bandit112-panelThere are two channels, one being a clean and the other a lead channel. Each channel features a three position switch that allows a tone selection that varies the amp’s sound to simulate different amp styles. The amp also features a reverb and master volume.

Another interesting feature on the Bandit 112 is the power selector. This can reduce the amp’s overall power and allow you to crank it up without blowing out the doors. For a smaller single 12″ speaker the amp does put out a fair amount of power.


Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amplifier with TransTube Technology Features:

12″ Blue Marvel speaker
2 footswitchable channels
Simulated speaker direct out with level
25%, 50%, 100% power level selector switch
Loose, tight, and medium damping switch
Effects loop
3-band EQ per channel
Vintage/classic/warm switch on clean channel
Classic/modern/high gain switch on lead channel
Pre and post gain on lead channel
High gain and low gain inputs
Master reverb and boost
Footswitch jack
45 lbs.
23-3/4″W x 20-1/4″H x 11-3/4″D

bandit112-angleSound: Some of the lead tones coming from this amp rock, others well weren’t all that impressive. The amp was capable of creating a deep rich tone that still stayed clean and un-muddied. The clean channel was very nice and clean and was capable of handling higher volume with minimal distortion. There was a noticeable hiss from the reverb even with the amp at lower volumes.

Overall: A nice amp with a nice price. It packs some power but leaves out what so many amps of today have, options. Many modeling amps of today can recreate sounds and effects from so many different amp styles and some do it for less money. Still, a quality amp with a good sound. The power level switch is great feature for home players that have to watch their volume.

See more about this amp at Peavey’s web site.