Gibson Powertune System – Auto guitar tuning system


Gibson’s new Powertune System rewrites the laws and frees guitarists from the drudgery of tuning. To play in tune, tell your guitar to tune up for you.

The Powertune System, available as original equipment only on Gibson guitars, is a fully functional, performance-ready, and non-obtrusive automated tuning system. It is operated solely from the guitar, with no external connections or interface from a third-party device, and no need to move your busy fingers from the guitar strings and controls they are already manipulating in the course of your performance. Simply activate your guitar’s Master-Control Knob (MCK), strum the strings lightly, and within seconds the Powertune’s digital brain and Powerhead tuners work together to put you perfectly in tune. Or to achieve any open or alternate tuning, rotate the MCK to the desired preset, strum, and you’re ready to play in Open E, Dropped D, Double Dropped D, DADGAD, Open G, Hendrix Tuning (half-step down), or any of your own custom tunings.

In addition to the Powertune System’s many capabilities, it is installed on a genuine Gibson guitar that isn’t otherwise modified or compromised in any way.

The guitar looks, plays, feels, and sounds exactly like a Gibson USA Les Paul, with all the genuine analog tone, resonance, and touch sensitivity of the world’s greatest set-neck electric guitar. It doesn’t even weigh discernibly more than a non-Powertune Les Paul model. Physically, the Powertune System is virtually invisible.
From the audience’s perspective there is nothing but the subtle MCK to distinguish your instrument from any legendary Gibson electric, and when pushed down the MCK functions as a standard Tone control. (Perhaps even more important, tonally the Powertune System is entirely, actually, invisible—it tunes you up, but doesn’t change your tone).